Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Helping Foreign Men

Helping foreign men is not exactly the easiest thing to do. In fact, most of my clients come to me after they have been taken to the cleaners or deceived by some other websites or translators. I know, many people have told me I need to take care of myself first, and I don't need to worry about someone else's well-being. However, that is just the way that I am. I have always invited people over to my home, made them tea or coffee, cooked for them, made them borsch, taken care of them, and done everything within my power to make sure they were taken care of and that they were happy when that person left my home. Now, to the story at hand. I want to share with you some mistakes that foreigners make so that you, too don't make the same mistakes. I had one man from the Fresno area come to Odessa Ukraine in June or July. I cannot remember exactly. This guy was a nice enough fellow. He smiled, and he didn't, lie, cheat, or steal; but I really had a hard time getting girls to go out with him. In fact, no Ukrainian girl wanted to go out with him more than once. He was 48 years old, looked like he was in his early 40s. So, he wasn't ugly, but his dress was wildly inappropriate. He stood about 6'2" with a thin build and wore basketball shorts, high top sneakers, a baseball hat of his favorite teams, and of course, he wore t-shirts with the loudest, boldest color schemes possible of his favorite baseball teams. While I do believe it is important to be comfortable, and I want everyone to be themselves, I ask you men, what kind of impression do you want to make on a girl you eventually would like to marry? One of the things that attracts western men to Ukranian girls is the fact that they dress in an incredibly feminine and or sexy manner. So, if you want a girl to dress in a feminine manner, don't you think you should dress in a masculine and attractive manner for Ukrainian girls?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Odessa Girls Seedy

There is a seedier side to Odessa girls too. I have a client in town who is a pretty god guy from Canada. He also has worked in Eastern Europe, so he understands the situation here better than most, and he doesn't really have trouble attracting girls into his life. Even though he is 42, he looks much younger and commonly attracts girls in their early 20s. He's in great shape, likes to do fun things, etc.
Last night, a friend of mine took him out to a seedy bar. This is the type of place where a person can get into trouble if they say the wrong thing. I'll write this from the point of view of a fly on the wall. It didn't take long before my friend attracted a seedy Odessa girl to their table. They immediately began cuddling at the table and soon they were kissing and cuddling and drinking and laughing and having fun. Of course, this particular seedy Odessa girl has friends. So, she invited her friends over, and after about an hour, one of them came over. I would describe her as acting like she was 14. She was trying to control everyone and everything. After a couple of hours of the one couple kissing, cuddling, and touching, and the second couple of talking and negotiating, the four of them went back to my client's apartment and had some fun. It is currently noon and they still haven't left his place. In fact, I had to cancel his date for today, or at least move it back to 3pm. Juts like any other nationality or culture, there are nice girls, there are sluts, and there is everything in between. It just depends what you want and what you are. My friend says that seedy Odessa girls are loyal though. He says that they don't really have too much going for them, even if they are pretty or cute, so his theory is that loyalty is the thing that they most have to offer. Odessa girls. fun.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Odessa Girls

My name is Alla. I am 52 years old, and I am here to dispel some myths. I was born in old Soviet Russia, came of age in Odessa Ukraine. I am an Odessa girl. In fact, I am so much of an Odessa girl at heart that I have been living in the same Odessa flat for 32 years. I was married for many years, but also have been divorced for many years as well. My whole life, people have classified me as chatty.

I love to socialize. I love to listen to others, I love to help others, and I love for others to be happy. People tell me I am generous, but I do not feel generous, I feel like I am doing what I was called to do. After many years of people bugging me, telling me I should be a matchmaker, I finally relented. I was 48 years old, totally uncomfortable with computers, and people were suggesting I create a website and help Odessa girls to find their dream husband and their dream marriage.

I found a computer master, had him design a website, learned how to use Skype, and began. I started talking to all of the Odessa girls I knew trying to get them to allow me to put them on my site. Of course, it has been a slow process getting Odessa girls to allow me to introduce them to men. Also, since I am pretty sociable, I have been meeting foreign men for years. However, it did feel like a natural fit trying to introduce these men to Odessa girls. Odessa girls are comprised of both Russian girls as well as Ukrainian girls.

I don't discriminate. I will introduce a Russian man to my Odessa girls too? I will introduce a Belgian man to my Odessa girls. I will introduce an American man to my Odessa girls. I will introduce British men, Scottish men, or even Australian men to my Odessa girls.

You see I know Odessa girls well since I grew up here. I know what they think. I know how they feel. I know how they will probably react in different situations. Here is the cool part. I have created 24 marriages in less than 4 and a half years. No dating website can boast this type of success. No marriage agency can boast this type of success. Here is the most unbelievable part. I've only averaged about 2 male clients per week during that time. All of my success was only word of mouth. I know what Odessa girls want. I know what Odessa girls need. I know what Odessa girls will say yes to.

I am not a traditional matchmaker. I like introducing men to Odessa girls for one flat fee. If you need a translator, I can translate that first date for a very small fee over a cup of tea or coffee and save you money. Other sites are happy if they have one marriage per year. That would feel like total failure to me. Let me introduce you to one of my Odessa girls today. - Sincerely, Alla